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Monday, 28 February 2011

'The Complete Guide To Colour'

Tom Fraser

'Color Theory Made Easy'

Jim Ames

'A History of Lace'

Mrs Bury Palliser

'Guide To The Collection of Lace'

P.G. Trendell

'The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations'

(Editor) Elizabeth Knowles

'Medieval Monasteries of Great Britain'

Lionel Butler and Chris Given-Wilson

'The Gothic Cathedral'

Wim Swaan

'Auguste Rodin Cathedrals of France'

(Preface) Sir Herbert Read

'McDowell's Directory of Twentieth Century Fashion'

Colin McDowell

'Contemporary Fashion'

(Editor) Richard Martin

'Fashion Illustration School'

Carol A. Nunnelly

'The Persian Carpet'

A. Cecil Edwards

'Book Titles and Authors' (February 2011)

(a4 paper, printer ink)